Midex ICO

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5 708 063 sold tokens 75 000 000 MDX total count
Midex ICO Midex is blockchain based Financial platform with licensed exchange
approved by Swiss bankers and lawyers
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75 000 000 MDX
Midex tokens for ICO

In order to create a first class financial platform, acting within the framework of the global legal system, it is necessary to attract funding on a large scale which allows the system in question to start work as well as remain independent. That is why Midex is conducting its own collection of funds using the most modern and convenient instrument: the ICO, the sale of tokens. Upon the completion of the ICO, all undistributed tokens will be destroyed. Funds allocation after ICO you may find in Midex presentation.


Get in on the creation of the
cryptocurrency financial platform, Midex

Video about project

MDX tokens are more than just an investment

  • Daily bonuses are paid out

    Tokenholders will receive bonuses totalling 20% of the amount of commissions.

    Every day the tokenholders will receive bonuses totalling 20% of the commissions paid to the financial platform for services. The distribution is made proportionally to the amount of tokens held by the receiver at the moment of the calculation.

  • Special Privileges
    and Status

    Tokenholders receive authoritative status, privilege program, named plastic cards.

    Tokenholders receive authoritative status within the world of cryptocurrencies and participate in a privilege program bringing together all the services of Midex financial platform. Participants in the program get the opportunity to work in the Middx System, with lowered commissions or none at all. The release of named plastic cards will be Visa and MasterCard.

  • Participation
    in the ICO of MIC projects

    Tokenholders automatically receive a share of tokens from the ICO's of Midex ICO Center

    MDX token holders automatically receive a share of tokens of the projects conducting their own ICO on the MIDEX ICO centre regulated platform. After each completed ICO part of the tokens belonging to Midex will be automatically distributed among MDX tokenholders.

  • Internal usage:
    1. Increase your cash withdrawal or transaction limit
    2. Get the manual cash fees discount
    3. Keep the tokens inside the system to make your P2P credit conditions better
    4. Get to the unique locations of Midex VR office
    5. Customise your profile on the platform
    6. Pay for goods in Midex shop
    7. Pay for access to confidential information of Midex analytics center
    8. Get the personal business, investment and trading consulting from the lead professionals in the world

Midex Privilege Program

Choose an suitable loyalty plan and client's card regardless of price
1 000 1k
tokens MDX
5 000 5k
tokens MDX
10 000 10k
tokens MDX
25 000 25k
tokens MDX
50 000 50k
tokens MDX
100 000 100k
tokens MDX
500 000+ 500k+
tokens MDX
Gold status
Gold status
  • Client support Priority
  • Discount on commission 0 %
Card Gold
  • Service / year 3 MDX
  • Withdrawal limit / day 10 000 $
  • Cashback 1 %
Buy 1 MDX 0.00107 ETH
Up to 3 750 000 MDX
for Bounty campaign

Welcome to MIDEX generous Bounty program!
Up to 10 000 000 very strong MDX tokens will be distributed after token sale finished. Sign up Register

  • Up to 1 125 000 MDX
    Signature and avatar Bitcointalk: 30%

    Wear The MIDEX signature for 3 weeks or more
    Post 10 good quality posts or more per week

  • Up to 750 000 MDX
    Articles and Videos bounty: 20%

    Make the translation of main thread
    Make the video of your wish to become MIDEX local ambassador on your own language

  • Up to 562 500MDX
    Facebook bounty: 15%

    Make good quality articles, videos or article translation to your language All languages are eligible

  • Up to 562 500 MDX
    Twitter bounty: 15%

    Make posts about MIDEX and reposts of MIDEX posts for 2 weeks or more

  • Up to 375 000 MDX
    Translation and local ambassador bounty: 10%

    Make tweets about MIDEX and retweets of MIDEX tweets for 2 weeks or more

  • Up to 37 500 MDX
    Telegram bounty: 1%

    Join the Telegram chat
    Join the Official channel
    Subscribe to the MIDEX news on site

  • Up to 150 000 MDX LinkedIn bounty: 4%

    is the result of carefully measured solutions from the experts participating in the project

  • Up to 187 500MDX
    Contest fund: 5%

    Stay tuned in Telegram channel to know details in time

Midex Professionals
  • Andrew Dubinin
    Andrew Dubinin


  • Dmitry Machikhin
    Dmitry Machikhin


  • Alex Shkirin
    Alex Shkirin

    Head of tax and Legal

  • Eyal Hertzog
    Eyal Hertzog

    Blockchain advisor

  • Daniele Azzaro
    Daniele Azzaro

    Strategy advisor

  • Ely Tolen
    Ely Tolen

    International communications advisor

  • Gabriel Brack
    Gabriel Brack

    Swiss Financial Expert

  • Renato Almeida
    Renato Almeida

    Legal advisor

  • Kaznacheev Evgeny
    Kaznacheev Evgeny

    CTO (Technical director)

  • Valeria Mingova
    Valeria Mingova

    PR Director

  • Mike Blackwood EMBA
    Mike Blackwood EMBA


  • Stan Sokolovsky LLM
    Stan Sokolovsky LLM

    Legal counsel

  • Ars Dain
    Ars Dain

    IR manager

  • Max Oleynik
    Max Oleynik

    Marketing manager

  • Nik Postnik
    Nik Postnik

    Hype manager

  • Natasha Lukina
    Natasha Lukina

    Project manager

  • Ury Strelets
    Ury Strelets

    IT Developer

  • Vladislav Romanov
    Vladislav Romanov

    IT Developer

  • Sadykh Sadykhov
    Sadykh Sadykhov

    IT Developer

  • Vitaliy Kukhar
    Vitaliy Kukhar

    IT Developer

  • Dmitry Kogevnikov
    Dmitry Kogevnikov


  • Olga Shikh
    Olga Shikh


Midex strategy -
is the result of carefully measured solutions from the experts participating in the project Download Whitepaper
Midex Roadmap
  • Before ICO
  • $5 mln Q2, 2018
  • $15 mln Q3, 2018
  • $30 mln Q4, 2018
  • $50 mln Q2, 2019
  • $75 mln Q4, 2019
    5 708 063 tokens have already been sold
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    0x77a6221ce8a7e066e864b70367c34293676f464e2a6396b41f2b1356a84b1615 18.02.2018 06:29:46 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0x98af21369bea783d05618465c8e0475645328705 288
    0x798d1aa43c12e1dff1eaa339b9d32b652ae8de275eb53566e620e7cdd959401f 18.02.2018 05:40:34 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0xa4d703e4bb3516fbc5f1ba51abeba0a11dffd786 804
    0x817b52886beacbedc8b34d0356c293432c26e5e01ea16d9e29c4b098f38f8e18 17.02.2018 03:23:55 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0x955afe7c68311a37b242fbb243df6c18d2f39157 660
    0xbd4d4c472f6aba2f34c958473a1cfd95b5912ac68d702a1a1984684a04b93c13 16.02.2018 10:13:09 0x2c8cd1faaaa4be114a63242c0e8750599199cea0 0xf8f5cc42fa2edf3a9b22d648dfda347087e0e474 6
    0x9f3c84ac88b82df940f365b8f136e82eaee250f29aa045ae1925e5de278a7443 15.02.2018 14:11:37 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0x7ed1e469fcb3ee19c0366d829e291451be638e59 741
    0x01b30101218c7071dc625f37e62fdf10d5934454d1055b6fdd30ac1a46ed6376 15.02.2018 13:50:08 0x2c8cd1faaaa4be114a63242c0e8750599199cea0 0xf8f5cc42fa2edf3a9b22d648dfda347087e0e474 10
    0xe3509ee7b02dfe92849923715f35f8f2f1a71b08b3c9d7c51924bf0487b9b1a6 15.02.2018 11:26:22 0x2c8cd1faaaa4be114a63242c0e8750599199cea0 0xd820819ece04ec34251e9d8b18708e2e541fc903 5
    0xee923db8cc8d677e6b693bc3ede0b6ecfd94b063dbafa2c3242eac93ab26cb86 15.02.2018 10:22:03 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0xaddc3f42da1863e3478a6006ae0e45a8ce749f17 102
    0x8e2ee96de644e7a9167f2e6102b7ce3ba1f3fc5ad4f5fcf7bef0acb3c31f97a2 15.02.2018 01:08:50 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0xaf5ec28554bf5a62683b1bbee39809bc0030ca93 521
    0x9fa0b16a932a0756d9b53901099f834f89287f2d78cf2a30af5c77e6a1e99b5a 14.02.2018 19:27:33 0x854c28dfb7a51deabed2a84e31cf998f5f916709 0xcb5b80cc07a40643ab5ee88c3da4758615dce6ba 104
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